UXStepin is a UX/UI design firm based in Bangalore, the start-up capital of India. We have a decade years of experience in the creative field with the objective to help enterprises communicate and connect end-users through delightfully crafted experience.
Our team represent some of the best minds in the industry and have worked on projects of every magnitude. Our work is characterized by extreme usability. We help brands to grow their business.
We understand their needs and use appropriate technology to deliver the best solutions through design and development. We identify and create affordable solutions that help brands stand out in a busy digital sphere.
We are a small friendly team doing big things. we turn an idea into an impactful design and a great product. Our core strength is the simplicity and perfection in our designs. We have worked with some amazing companies across different vertical.

Our Process

  • 1 Discover
  • 2 Define
  • 3 Design
  • 4 Deliver

It is the starting point for a project.user research teach us about the users,their behavior,goals,innovations and needs.
• Includes interviews,observation and surveys of user.
• Helps to find out how our target customers feel,when interacting with a product.
Personas are fictional but represent a selection of real audience and their behaviours.
It focuses on the organization of data-that is ,how data is structured from a user’s perspective ,as opposed to the system or technical perspective.

Sketching is an expression of thinking and problem-solving.powerful form of visual communication.
• Low fidelity,simplified outline of product
• Skeleton of final product
• Give you a reliable idea of where everything will eventually go.
• Examines interaction between system and its user
• Understand how users end technology communicate with each other.

Design phase is collaborative and iterative. Ideas from the feedback of users are put into paper prototypes, interactive wire frames.
• Defines an emotional experience-everything else is merely there to support that experience
• Collection of things (photos, designs, illustrations ,type etc.)…are grouped and presented in a way to accomplish a task.
• Use of imaginary,color,shapes,typography and form to enhance user experience.
• Behavioral observation to provide design insights.
• Validate your assumption from low fidelity to live websites and applications.

• High fidelity design is fleshed out.
• Content and digital assets are created and high-fidelity version of product is validated throu

Our Services

Web Designing and Development

Good websites get applause. Great websites get business. Simple and smart websites conveys your message clearly.

Brand Design

Brands makes business. Create a world class brand logo wins’ heart and increases sales.

App Development

We will develop you an advanced, dynamic, user friendly mobile application to solve all your business related problems.


Brands makes business. Create a world class brand logo wins’ heart and increases sales.


For any organization recruitment can be very expensive and the amount of work involved would be exhaustive.

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Our Team


His insatiable hunger for design made him to be a founder of UXstepin to provide bountiful harvest to serve with design solutions for varied design problems in IT.


He is one of the kind of living being who concatenate credible imaginary thoughts and reality in graphic design that gives him the name “ The Design GURU”.

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