Our Team

Desmond | Veracious UI Developer

Feels like he is born with some rare mystic skills in UI Development. His sheer knowledge and experience about twenty years makes him unique, tendentious and tenet.. He articulates and converts the ideas by embedding into flawless code in rocket speed which executes results as required in real time environment. No wonder he is our back bone of every project we undertake. His presence makes the difference which turn around complex tech glitches into fortunes.

Kumar | Design in action

When passion meets profession one has to think what will happen. He come from a premiere design school with Nine years of industry experience in both product and service level companies with sound knowledge. He has credible vision to how to nurture multifaceted projects to channelize to their destiny with utmost design treatment.

Swapnil | Living Mobile Tech Library

As an ant he takes onus more than what is required in solving technical problems pertaining to Android development. He bags explicit 8 years mobile development experience and certifications which makes him to actuate any abstruse mobile development problem in no time. He only eats, drinks and sleeps on mobile technology.

Anjana | Technical Writer

As it said "Work is worship" Playing with words and formulating them is never easy task. Content is the king for any project. It requires patience, concentration and leadership. She worked as a content writer for IT firms small and medium level and gained immense knowledge in articulating words which are kept in black and white. We are really happy as she is a part of our dynamic design team.

Swetha | Admin

Any time computers need technicians. She is fast in resolving the issues like assigning privileges according to their need. She also handles other activities like looking after the infrastructure of the office to the minute thing where it shows the perfectionism to her work. We are fortunate to have her in our team.